Therapeutic practice

My conceptual background is rooted  in the Integrative Psychotherapy, founded by Prof. Hilarion Petzold in the 1970s.

He summarized the clinical approach of the Integrative Therapy brilliantly  in the following manner:

"The Integrative Approach to therapy has a biopsychosocial position and a life span developmental as well as a context oriented view. It is following therefore a multiperspective complex paradigm, rooted in the longitudinal oriented „life or bio-sciences“ (biology, medicine with the important subspecialties neurosciences, psychiatry and immunology), in „scientific psychology“ (developmental, clinical, social) and in the clinically relevant „social sciences“ (clinical sociology, organizational science, supervision sciences, history of culture, political science). The background metatheory of such a multiperspective approach has to offer a sound basis in modern philosophy, i. e. in epistemological and anthropological views (with M. Merleau-Ponty, P. Ricoeur a. o.), in culture critcis with (M. Foucault, J. Derrida a. o.), and has to provide a clear position of general and professional ethics (E. Levinas, G. Marcel a.o.). The background in clinical theory has to be based on modern neurosciences relevant to psychotherapy (e.g. A. Damasio, J. LeDoux), on psychotherapy research (e.g. A. Bergin, K. Grawe, D. Orlinsky), psychiatry research (e.g. C. Nemeroff, B. van der Kolk) and on the wealth of contemporary psychology (particularly clinical, developmental, and social psychology).
The basic anthropological assumtion of IT - drawing on classical concepts in modern reformulation– is a multiperspective view on the human being and his situation in the world (micro- and macrocontext) with the others, with his cosubjects, fellowmen and women, pointig out fife anthropological dimensions and three dimensions of personality." H.G.Petzold, 2001g

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